Women continue to be seriously underrepresented in leadership and decision-making positions throughout the working world.  Women role models and leaders in business are highly desirable in the current market place as many companies are keen to address this issue.  


When it comes to bringing in external talent into your leadership teams you will want to be sure all possible steps have been taken to ensure an equal representation of both men and women candidates.


Watson Reynolds takes gender balance very seriously and we believe we work harder than any search firm to ensure balanced shortlists are provided.  We also keep an audit trail detailing the additional work carried out to make sure this happens and provide you with evidence.  We take a very proactive approach to our assignments.  Typical work we carry out includes:


Providing a gender-balanced target list.

Referrals from 'Women in Leadership' affiliated groups.

Making candidates aware of your D&I policies and your workplace/culture.

Providing gender-based search analytics.

Provide feedback on how candidates view your organisation.


Below is a sample of many analytics we provide in our reports.


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